Dear Member & Guest,

We look forward to welcoming you to Spanish Point Golf Club!

To ensure the wellbeing of Members, Guests and Staff, we will be providing the highest levels of safety and hygiene to ensure peace of mind during your time at our club.

Please note the following: 

IN LINE WITH GUI/ILGU PROTOCOL GUIDELINES • • Bookings must be made on the Club V1 system (Note: The Golf Club has to keep records for 6 Months for contact tracing purposes) • Substitutions and/or changes to tee-times will not be permitted on the day • Bunkers are in play • Paid up members for 2021 must show bag tags.

The onus is on you and your party to respect all Government and HSE guidelines in place at the time of your visit, in terms of travel restrictions, quarantine/isolation requirements, high-risk groups, social distancing, hand hygiene, etc.

Anyone displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 are asked not to travel to Spanish Point Golf Club.

Hand sanitisers have been placed where hand washing facilities are not available, including the bar.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club very soon!

Return to golf Protocols 4/421

Dear Member,

As you know, the Government has confirmed that golf will be one of the
first sports to return to full participation during the ongoing Covid Level
5 restrictions on Monday 26 April. From that date, all golf clubs can
reopen for play within the limitations set by the Government. Coaching
activities for underage players can also resume from that date.

This decision is a testament to the great work done by clubs to keep golf
safe during 2020. That strong track record has been crucial in our making
the case for golf to resume before most other sports and sectors of the
economy and society. While we would have obviously preferred an earlier
date for our resumption of activity, we welcome the fact that we now have a
clear date for which to plan.

Given the continuing seriousness of the public health situation, the
Government has put some limitations on the initial phase. These are
reflected in the Return to Golf Protocol which has been finalised in
consultation with Sport Ireland and the Expert Group on Sport. The main
purpose of this protocol is to keep golfers and the wider community safe
and we urge you to continue to comply with its measures when golf resumes.

A specific issue that has been raised by a number of clubs is the potential
impact of continuing travel restrictions. I am pleased to confirm that
golfers will be allowed to travel within their county, or 20kms from their
homes to play. As a result, when golf resumes later this month, the vast
majority of members will be able to travel to their home clubs for play.

In the initial phase, the Irish Government have decided that participants
in sport and exercise activity must be from no more than two households.
Therefore, groups playing on golf courses during this initial phase must be
confined to a maximum of two households. This means that all tee times must
be either two-balls, or alternatively three-balls and four-balls where
players in the group are from no more than two households.

Tee times must be booked in advance online. Clubs must ensure that players’
names are recorded on timesheets and the timesheets must be kept for a
period of at least six weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need

Tee times will be at 10-minute intervals.

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