4th August

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stNiall Finnegan37 pts
2ndBrian O'Loughlin34 pts
3rdJohn O'Brien34 pts

3rd August

Men 9-Hole Bank Holiday Open Singles S/F1stShane Fitzgerald18 pts
2ndMichael McMahon16 pts
3rdFergus O'Brien16 pts

2nd August

Ladies Multi-Day 18-Hole Singles S/F1stClair Cullinan39 pts
2ndMary Byrne35 pts
3rdValerie Shannon33 pts
Mens Weekend Singles 18-Hole S/F- McInerney CupWinnerJames Keane41 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien38 pts
3rdJoe O'Connor38 pts

31st July

Men's Friday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stNoel O'Connor21 pts
2ndJohn Lewis17 pts
3rdJason O'Dwyer16 pts

30th July

Men's Thursday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stGerry Gallagher16 pts
2ndMichael Meehan14 pts
3rdJason O'Dwyer13 pts

30th July

Girls 9 Hole Qualifier1stAmy Corry18 pts
2ndSophie Nagle11 pts
3rdIde O'Connor2 pts

29th July

SPGC Boys Open 18-Hole Singles S/F1stPaul Frawley53 pts
2ndOisin Meade38 pts
3rdO Rory Lillis34 pts

28th July

Seniors Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stAndrew Smith37 pts
2ndNiall Finnegan37 pts
3rdJohn O'Brien37 pts

26th July

Ladies 18-Hole Singles Stroke Multiday1stMary McNamara71 nett
2ndKaren White75 nett
3rdYvonne O'Keeffe77 nett
Men's 18-Hole Singles - Ace CupWinnerBarry O'Connell42 pts
2ndMichael Healy41 pts
3rdSeamus Conway40 pts

24th July

Men's Friday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stAustin McNamara15 pts
2ndRoy McNamara9 pts

23rd July

Men's Thursday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stAustin McNamara 20 pts
2ndRene Gsponer19 pts
3rdSeamus Conway18 pts

21st July

Mixed Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stLes Seal40 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien39 pts
3rdJohn Fitzgerald37 pts

19th July

Ladies 18-H Singles S'ford1stValerie Shannon36 pts
2ndKaren White33 pts
3rdBernie O'Connor31 pts
Mens' Weekend 18-Hole S/F1stJohn Lewis41 pts
2ndJoe O'Connor39 pts
3rdSean McMahon39 pts

17th July

Men's Friday Singles 9-Hole S/F1stPaul Hickey17 pts
2ndBarry O'Connell(J)15 pts
3rdMichael A Hennessy13 pts

16th July

Men's Thursday Singles 9-Hole S/F 1stTom Hopkins18 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien14 pts
3rdPaul Hickey12 pts

15th July

Ladies 18-H Singles S'ford1stMary Byrne37 pts
2ndYvonne O'Keeffe35 pts
3rdFiona O'Boyle34 pts

14th July

Mens Seniors' 18-Hole Singles S/F1stMichael A Hennessy39 pts
2ndBrian O'Loughlin36 pts
3rdPat Byrne35 pts

12th July

Ladies 18-Hole Singles S/F1stKaren White38 pts
2ndValerie Shannon37 pts
3rdMaura Killackey37 pts
Men's Weekend Singles 18-Hole S/F1stBrian O'Loughlin43 pts
2ndRene Gsponer40 pts
3rdMervin Hehir38 pts

10th July

Men's Friday Singles 9-Hole S/F1stNiall Hickey20 pts
2ndMartin Shanahan16 pts
3rdNoel O'Connor14 pts

9th July

Men's Thursday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stBrendan Keane20 pts
2ndNoel O'Connor20 pts
3rdJames Keane19 pts

1st / 5th July

Ladies Weekly 18-Hole S/F1stMary McNamara34 pts
2ndFiona O'Boyle31 pts
3rdBernie O'Connor30 pts
Men's Weekend Singles 18-Hole S/F1stAustin McNamara38 pts
2ndPaul Condron34 pts
3rdJoe O'Connor33 pts

2nd July

Men's Thursday Singles 9-Hole S/F1stBrendan Keane18 pts
2ndJohn Lewis17 pts
3rdSeamus Conway17 pts

30th June

Men's Seniors Singles 9-Hole S/F1stMichael A Hennessy19 pts
2ndBrendan Keane18 pts
3rdLeslie Seal18 pts

20th March

Men's 9-Hole Singles S/F1stNiall Hickey19 pts
2ndMichael Reilly17 pts
3rdMichael (Flick) O'Brien17 pts

19th March

Men's 9-Hole Singles S/F1stLaurence Murray18 pts
2ndSeamus Conway18 pts
3rdShane Fitzgerald17 pts

17th March

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stGreg Davidson34 pts
2ndEamonn Murphy32 pts
3rdThomas Mernagh28 pts
St. Patrick's Day 9-Hole S/F1stLaurence Murphy19 pts
2ndFergus O'Brien16 pts
3rdShane Fitzgerald16 pts

15th March

Ladies Weekly Singles 18-Hole S/F1stGeraldine Reddan36 pts
2ndValerie Shannon30 pts
3rdYvonne O'Keeffe28 pts

15th March

Men's Weekly Singles 18-Hole S/FWinnerMervin Hehir38 pts
McClancy Cup 20202ndSeamus Conway37 pts
3rdPaul Condron33 pts

4th/8th March

Ladies' Weekly Singles 18-Hole Stroke1stValerie Shannon79 nett
2ndMaura Killackey85 nett
3rdKaren White87 nett

5th March

Actively Aging Group 13-Hole Scramble1stBernie O'Connor, David Eastham, Len Wilson41.5 nett
2ndAnn White, Michael O'Connor, Pat Cooke42 nett
3rdMaura Killackey, John O'Brien, Patrick O'Boyle, Martin Davis42.4 nett

3rd March

Seniors Open Singles 18-Hole Singles1stBernie O'Halloran37 pts
2ndDermot Hammond33 pts
3rdMichael Reilly32 pts

23rd Februarey

Mens Weekly Singles 18-Hole S/F1stJohn O'Donnell41 pts
2ndGerry Gallagher39 pts
3rdJohn O'Brien35 pts

23rd February

Ladies' Weekly Singles 13-Hole S/F1stValerie Shannon27 pts
2ndMairead Bergin24 pts

22nd February

Men's 9-Hole Weekly Singles S/F1stOliver McNamara17 pts
2ndMartin White15 pts
3rdBernie O'Halloran14 pts

20th February

Actively Aging Group 9-Hole Scramble1stDavid Eastham, John Daly, Bernie O'Connor28.9
2ndMaurice Murphy, Ann White, Harry Crowe29.09
3rdJohn O'Brien, Val Shannon, Pat Cooke30.02

18th February

Senior's Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stMaurice Murphy30 pts
2ndMichael A Hennessy27 pts
3rdPaul Moloney27 pts

13th February

Actively Aging Group 13-Hole Scramble1stMaurice Murphy, Berna Eastham, Harry Crowe39.4 nett
2ndDavid Eastham, Claire Ruane, Pat Cooke, Ann White41 nett (back 9)
3rdMichael O'Connor, Len Wilson, John Daly, Karen White41 nett

5th / 9th February

Ladies Weekly Singles 13-Hole S/FWinnerSally O'Dwyer21 pts

6th February

Actively Aging Group 13-Hole Scramble1stMaurice Murphy, Tommy Power, Michael A Hennessy, Berna Eastham38.8 nett
2ndDavid Eastham, Pat Cooke, Len Wilson, Maura Killackey41.1 nett
3rdMichael Waters, Les Seal, Danny Comerford, Ann White43.8 nett

2nd February

Seniors' Open Singles18-Hole S/F1stJohn Lillis42 pts
2ndBilly Clarke38 pts
3rdGerry Meade37 pts

31st January

Men's 9-Hole Singles S/F1stGerry Meade18 pts
2ndBrendan Kearney17 pts
3rdTony Crowley17 pts

29th January / 2nd February

Ladies Weekly Singles 13-Hole S/FWinnerKaren White24 pts

30th January

Actively Aging Group 13-Hole Scramble (2 drives each player)1stBerna Eastham, Patrick O'Boyle, Michael O'Connor, Michael Waters42 nett
2ndTom Barry, John Daly, Les Seal, Val Shannon43.6 nett
3rdPat Cooke, Maurice Murphy, Tommy Power, Ann White44.4 nett

26th January

Ladies weekly singles 13-Hole S/F1stKaren White24 pts
2ndEileen Murrihy19 pts
Men's Teams of 3 or 4WinnersFergal Hehir, Micheal Hehir, Seamus Conway, K Hynes51.8 nett

24th January

Men's 9-Hole Singles S/F1stMartin Shanahan16 pts
2ndTony Crowley14 pts
3rdPatrick O'Dwyer14 pts

23rd January

Actively Aging Group - 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersMaurice Murphy, Karen White, Michael O'Connor and Len Wilson38.4 nett
2ndPatrick O'Boyle, Martin Davis, John O'Brien and Tommy Power39 nett
3rdMichael Waters, Ann White, Pat Cooke and John Daly43 nett

21st January

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stTerry O'Hare41 pts
2ndMichael Reilly38 pts
3rdSeamus O'Doherty37 pts

17th January

Men's 9-Hole Weekly Singles S/F1stMartin White17 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien16 pts
3rdMicheal Hehir15 pts

12th January

Ladies Weekly Singles 13-Hole S/F1stCarol Akroyd24 pts
2ndValerie Shannon22 pts
3rdYvonne O'Keeffe22 pts
Men - 18-Hole Team RumbleWinnersFergal Hehir, Micheal Hehir, Niall Heeney85 nett

9th January

Actively Aging Group - 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersDavid Eastham, Pat Cooke, Geraldine Reddan and Kathleen Haugh
2ndLes Seal, Len Wilson, Berna Eastham and Michael Waters
3rdJohn O Brien, Michael O Connor, Karen White and John Daly

7th January

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stDermot Hammond35 pts
2ndPat Lorigan30 pts
3rdPaul Moloney27 pts

5th January

Captains' Drive-In, John Lewis & Yvonne O'Keeffe - 9-Hole Scramble
Winners:  Michael (Flick) O'Brien, Eileen Murrihy, Greg Davidson with John & Yvonne

4th January

Open 9-Hole Singles S/F1stSeamus Conway23 pts
2ndJohnny Leahy20 pts
3rdMichael Reilly20 pts

3rd January

Open 9-Hole Singles S/F1stGerry Meade19 pts
2ndEamonn Murphy18 pts
3rdOliver McNamara17 pts

2nd January

Open 9-Hole Singles S/F1stEvan Kilroy19 pts
2ndJohn O'Donnell19 pts
3rdMervin Hehir13 pts

1st January

Open 9-Hole Singles S/F1stThomas Byrne24 pts
2ndMichael O'Connor20 pts
3rdSeamus Conway20 pts
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