Out of bounds (Rule 27-1) 
1. Beyond any fence, wall or white stakes forming the boundary of the course
2. Car Park, machinery shed, clubhouse enclosure and practice area

Immovable Obstructions (Rule24-2)
1. Walls, Fences, Sprinkler Heads and gravel pathways

Penalty Area (Rule 16-1)
1. Red Stakes at back of 6th and 15th green defines lateral water hazard 

Local Rules: 
1. Distance measuring devices are permitted on the course
2. If local rules are breached in competitions, penalty is 2 strokes and in matchplay is loss of hole
3. Relief from a sprinkler head without penalty within 1 club length not nearer the hole
4. Boundary wall and boundary fences, no relief
5. Nearest point of relief from all gravel pathways (rule 24-2)
6. Players on 2nd nine alternate with those starting. Players in competition have right of way at all times. 

Players must play off tees of the day. 
All yardage markers are to the centre of the green 

Red= 100 yards; White/Green = 150 yards; Yellow = 200 yards

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