2019 Results

17th June - Ladies' Open Day

Teams of 3 WinnersMary McNamara, Eileen Mullaney, Fiona Landry 62 pts
1 score to count & 2 scores on Par 3's2ndMairead Bergin, Aine Burke, Sheila O'Grady60 pts
3rdValerie Shannon, Marie O'Connor, Jenny Cagney58 pts

16th June

Men's Weekend Singles 18-Hole S/F1stJohnny OLoughlin44 pts
2ndBrian O'Loughlin42 pts
3rdGreg Davidson38 pts

16th June

Ladies Singles 18-Hole S/F1stKathleen Haugh39 pts
2ndEmer McCarthy36 pts
3rdEileen Murrihy33 pts

14th June

Junior Boys 18-Hole Singles S/F1stSean Neylon43 pts
2ndCillian Keavey41 pts
3rdJosh Maloney39 pts

13th June - Irish Mixed 2019 Campaign

Preliminary Round - Spanish Point bt Shannon GC 4/1
The Team:
Deirdre Molyneaux & Seamus McMahon; Claire Ruane & Jason Woods; Karen White & Jack Beakey; Manager Michael Waters; Valerie Shannon & Jim Dowling; Fiona O'Boyle & Maurice Murphy

11th June

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stRene Gsponer39 pts
2ndDanny Meehan39 pts
3rdBernie O'Halloran36 pts

9th June - Captain's Prize to the Ladies

18-Hole Singles S/FWinnerValerie Shannon38 pts
2ndFiona O'Boyle36 pts
3rdDeirdre Molyneaux32 pts

9th June

Men's Singles S/F1stGerry Gallagher35 pts
2ndMartin Glenny32 pts
3rdPaul Condron31 pts

8th June - President Geraldine's Prize to the Men

18-Hole Stableford1stFergus O'Brien44 pts
2ndGerry Gallagher40 pts
3rdJack Beakey38 pts

President Geraldine presenting Prize to Fergus

5th June

Men's 9-Hole Weekly S/F1stMartin Davies18 pts
2ndTom Barry16 pts
3rdMichael A Hennessy15 pts

3rd June

Men's Bank Holiday 9-Hole Singles S/F1stJohn O'Brien16 pts
2ndOliver McNamara16 pts
3rdFergus O'Brien14 pts

2nd June - Jim Finnerty Memorial

Ladies' Results - 18 Hole Singles S/F1stBernie O'Connor28 pts
2ndEileen Mullaney26 pts
3rdYvonne O'Keeffe26 pts
Men's Results - 18 Hole Singles S/F1stJack Beakey43 pts
2ndDave O'Brien40 pts
3rdPat Duggan40 pts

28th May

Seniors Open 18-Hole Singles1stP English40 pts
2ndGerry Meade40 pts
3rdLeslie Seal39 pts

26th May - President Geraldine's Prize to Ladies

18-Hole StablefordWinnerFiona O'Boyle
2ndClare McNamara
3rdEmer McCarthy
4thValerie Shannon
Back NineDeirdre Molyneaux
Front NineMary McNamara
9-Hole CompetitionBernadette O'Gorman

President Geraldine presenting Prize to Fiona

25th May

Men's Weekend 18-Hole S/F1stJim Dowling41 pts
2ndRene Gsponer38 pts
3rdPat Duggan35 pts

21st May

Seniors Open Singles1stJohn Fitzgerald40 pts
2ndPaul Moloney36 pts
3rdMartin Davies35 pts

20th May - R & A 9-Hole Qualifier

Ladies' Results1stKathleen Haugh18 pts
2ndValerie Shannon18 pts
3rdMary McNamara17 pts

19th May - David McCarthy Memorial Open

Men's 9 Hole Team of 3 or 4 ScrambleWinnersMaurice Murphy, Bernie O'Halloran, Martin Casey, Gerry Meade59 pts

13th May - R & A 9-Hole Qualifier

Men's Results1stHarry Crowe19 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien19 pts
3rdGreg Davidson17 pts

12th May

Ladies' Weekly 18-Hole Singles S/F1stMaura Burke37 pts
2ndAnn White31 pts
3rdEileen Mullaney28 pts
Men's Weekend 18-Hole Singles S/F1stPatrick O'Boyle42 pts
2ndJohn Daly42 pts
3rdJason Woods38 pts

8th May

Men's Weekly 9-Hole S/F1stPaul Condron22 pts
2ndJonathan Wilson21 pts
3rdHarry Crowe19 pts

7th May

Seniors' Open Singles S/F1stTommy Power39 pts
2ndBrendan Reddan35 pts
3rdGerry Meade20 pts

6th May

Open Mixed 9-Hole S/F1stMartin Casey22 pts
2ndAnn Dunne21 pts
3rdBrian O'Loughlin20 pts

5th May - Monthly Medal

Men's Weekly 18-Hole Stroke1stMichael Meehan61nett
2ndMervin Hehir65nett
3rdDavid Keane66nett

1st & 5th May

Ladies Weekly Singles 18-Hole V-Par1stMairead BerginAll Flat (back 9)
2ndVal ShannonAll Flat
3rdGeraldine Reddan2 down (back 9)

30th April

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stGarry Cunningham44 pts
2ndEamonn Murphy41 pts
3rdMartin Davies38 pts

28th April - Ladies' Spring League

Teams of TwoWinnersDeirdre Molyneaux & Ann White97 pts
Runners' UpMaura Burke & Fiona O'Boyle95 pts

28th April - Holmpatrick Cup Qualifer

Men's Weekly 18-Hole FoursomesWinnersPatrick O'Boyle & Bob O'Brien47 pts

24th/28th April

Ladies' Weekly Singles 18-hole S/F1stMary McNamara37 pts
2ndVal Ross31 pts
Val RossAnn White31 pts

25th April - Ladies' Annual Outing at Athenry Golf Club

4-Ball Scramble - 2 to count1stKaren White, Fiona O'Boyle, Kathleen Haugh, Marian Treacy90 pts
2ndMary McNamara, Val Ross, Bernie O'Connor, Eileen Mullanny85 pts
3rdVal Shannon, Geraldine Reddan, Anne Cooper, Helen White71 pts
4thClaire Ruane, Ann White, Eileen Murrihy, Nell Fitzgerald70 pts

23rd April

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stJohn Robinson39 pts
2ndEamonn Murphy37 pts
3rdMaurice Murphy37 pts

23rd April - Doonbeg Outing

Actively Ageing Group 18-Hole Scramble1stTom Barry, John Daly, Bernie O'Connor, Val Shannon61.4nett
2ndDanny Comerford, Martin Davis, Geraldine Reddan, Len Wilson62.2nett
3rdJohn O'Brien, Patrick O'Dwyer, Tommy Power, Ann White62.3nett

22nd April

Bank Holiday Monday 9-hole Open 1stPaul Condron19 pts
2ndDave O'Brien15 pts
3rdGreg Davidson15 pts

21st April

Men's Weekend 18-Hole Singles S/F1stTony Crowley41 pts
2ndJames Keane40 pts
3rdGreg Davidson40 pts

20th April Ladies' Easter Hamper

18-Hole Stableford1st1st (back 9)36 pts
2ndKathleen Haugh36 pts
3rdEmer McCarthy34 pts

14th April Men's Easter Hamper

18-Hole Singles S/F1stMichael Waters34 pts
2ndPaul Condron32 pts
3rdEamonn Murphy32 pts

18th April

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble1stKathleen Haugh, Patrick O'Boyle, Michael Waters, Karen White40.7nett
2ndTom Barry, John Daly, Bernie O'Connor43.7nett
3rdJohn Dever, Tommy Power, Ann White45.1nett

16th April

Seniors' Open Singles 18-Hole S/F1stJohn O'Brien39 pts
2ndTommy Power39 pts
3rdNiall Finnegan38 pts

11th April

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole / 2 person mixed scramble1stBernadette O'Connor & Tommy Power

9th April

Men's Seniors Open Singles1stJohn O'Brien40 pts
2ndMaurice Murphy37 pts
3rdBernard Coleman37 pts

7th April

Ladies Weekly Singles 18-Hole S/F1stBridie Hanrahan32 pts
2ndFiona O'Boyle31 pts
3rdYvonne O'Keeffe28 pts

6/7th April - Canon O'Reilly sponsored by Liam Sheehan

Men's Weekly Singles 18-Hole Stroke 1stColin Stewart63 nett
2ndGreg Davidson66 nett
3rdFergus O'Brien66 nett

4th April

Actively Ageing Group13-Hole Sramble1stKathleen Haugh, Valerie Shannon, Michael Waters, Ann White42.1 nett
2ndJohn Daly, Tommy Power, Karen White45.6 nett

31st March

Champagne Men's Scramble1stMaurice Murray, Bernie O'Halloran, Gerry Meade58 pts

31st / 27th March

Ladies Weekly 18-Hole S/F1stYvonne O'Keeffe34 pts
2ndMaura Burke32 pts
3rdAnn White32 pts

28th March

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble1stDanny Comerford, Tommy Power, Ann White40.2 nett
2ndJohn Daly, Kathleen Haugh, Deirdre Molyneaux, Les Seal40.1 nett

26th March

Seniors' Open Singles - 18-Hole S/F1stLen Wilson43 pts
2ndSeamus O'Doherty42 pts
3rdBernard Coleman42 pts

25th March

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stShane Lillis20 pts
2ndIvan Morrissey20 pts
3rdGer Doran19 pts

24th March

Ladies' Weekly 18-Hole Singles S/F1stFiona O'Boyle35 pts
2ndDeirdre Molyneaux34 pts
3rdMary McNamara30 pts

23rd March - Martin Talty Memorial

Men's 18-Hole Singles S/F 1stEnda McDonnell43 pts
2ndDamien Lynch41 pts
3rdMichael O'Connor40 pts

20th/21st/22nd March

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stTommy Power20 pts

21st March

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble1stDanny Comerford, Geraldine Reddan, Michael Waters40.1 nett
2ndJohn Daly, Johnny O'Loughlin, Les Seal, Ann White40.4 nett

19th March

Seniors' Open 18-Hole S/F Singles1stSeamus Doherty41 pts
2ndMichael Reilly41 pts
3rdEamonn Murphy39 pts

17th March

Ladies' Weekly 18-Hole Team EventWinnersGeraldine Reddan & Ann White
Men's Weekly 18-Hole Singles1stG Davidson34 pts
2ndEnda McDonnell33 pts

14th March

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble1stJohnny O'Loughlin, Michael Waters, Len Wilson40.9 nett
2ndJohn Daly, Tommy Power, Les Seal43.1 nett

12th March

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stNiall Finnegan32 pts
2ndMaurice Murphy32 pts
3rdEamonn Murphy23 pts

10th March

Team Event - Team of 3 or 4 RumbleWinnersLaurence Murray, Patrick Hogan, Michael Hogan, Mervin Hehir

7th March

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble1stDanny Comerford, John Daly, Tommy Power, Les Seal44.6 nett
2ndGeraldine Reddan, Michael Waters, Ann White, Karen White44.8 nett

5th March

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stMaurice Murphy36 pts
2ndAeneas O'Connor35 pts
3rdJohn Robinson34 pts

4th March

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stShane Lillis21 pts
2ndEamonn Murphy18 pts
3rdJohn O'Brien15 pts

3rd March - McClancy Cup

Men's Weekly 18-Hole Singles1stMervin Hehir34 pts
2ndBrian O'Loughlin32 pts
3rdSeamus McMahon30 pts

28th February

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersKathleen Haugh, Michael Waters, Len Wilson, Ann White39.9 nett

27th February

Ladies' Weekly 18-Hole Singles S/F1stKathleen Haugh32 pts
2ndVal Shannon28 pts
3rdMary F Kenny28 pts

26th February

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stEamonn Murphy35 pts
2ndDeclan Hanley34 pts
3rdLeslie Seal34 pts

25th February

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stPatrick Hogan21 pts
2ndBrendan Reddan20 pts
3rdLaurence Murphy19 pts

24th February

Ladies' Weekly 13-Hole S/F1stVal Shannon27 pts
2ndAnn White25 pts
Men's 18-Hole Singles1stBrian O'Loughlin36 pts
2ndChristy Cusack35 pts
3rdColin Stewart34 pts

23rd February

Men's Weekly 18-Hole Singles1stBrian O'Loughlin36 pts
2ndChristy Cusack35 pts
3rdColin Stewart34 pts

21st February

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersMartin Davis, Geraldine Reddan, Michael Waters42 nett

19th February

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stMichael A Hennessy33 pts
2ndMartin Davies32 pts
3rdPaul Moloney29 pts

17th February

Ladies Weekly 13-hole Singles1stClaire Ruane24 pts
2ndFiona O'Boyle24 pts

14th February

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersMartin Davis, Tom Barry and Danny Comerford69nett

12th February

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stBilly Clarke40 pts
2ndTommy Power38 pts
3rdJohnnyu O'Loughlin36 pts

11th February

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stKevin Kenny19 pts
2ndMichael O'Connor19 pts
3rdMicheal Healy17 pts

10th February

Men's 18-Hole Weekly Singles1stPatrick O'Boyle35 pts
2ndGer Doran34 pts
3rdDavid Keane33 pts

7th February

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole Scramble WinnersJohn Dever, Les Seal, Ann White25.2nett

5th February

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stMaurice Murphy32 pts
2ndJohnny O'Loughlin30 pts
3rdMartin Shanahan29 pts

3rd February

Ladies' 13-Hole Singles S/F1stFiona O'Boyle22 pts
2ndEileen Murrihy20 pts

29th January

Seniors Open 18-Hole Singles1stJohnny O'Loughlin25 pts
2ndMaurice Murphy35 pts
3rdTom Barry31 pts

28th January

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stMichael O'Connor19 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien18 pts
3rdTom Stack18 pts

27th January

Men's Weekly 18-Hole Singles1stTom Barry36 pts
2ndJason Woods36 pts
3rdMaurice Murphy35 pts

21st January

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stMichael A Hennessy18 pts
2ndHarry Crowe17 pts
3rdMicheal Hehir17 pts

20th January

Ladies' 13-Hole Singles S/F1stFiona O'Boyle23 pts
2ndDeirdre Molyneaux23 pts
Men's 18-Hole ScrambleWinnersMervin Hehir, Cillian Duggan, Niall Heaney, Patrick Hogan49.7nett

17th January

Actively Ageing Group 13-Hole ScrambleWinnersTommy Power, Les Seal, Ann White
2ndJohn Daly, John Dever, Val Shannon
3rdMartin Davis, Michael Waters, Karen White, Len Wilson

15th January

Seniors' Open 18-Hole Singles1stGarry Cunningham39 pts
2ndJohn O'Brien37 pts
3rdWillie McNamara37 pts

14th January

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stHarry Crowe18 pts
2ndMichael O'Connor17 pts
3rdMicheal Hehir16 pts

12th January

Men's Weekly 18-Hole Singles1stJohnny O'Loughlin37 pts
2ndMaurice Murphy36 pts
3rdJason Woods34 pts

8th January

Seniors Open 18-Hole Singles1stLes Seal41 pts
2ndSeamus O'Doherty40 pts
3rdAeneas O'Connor39 pts

5th January

Men's Weekly 9-Hole Singles1stBernard Clarke20 pts
2ndEnda McDonnell20 pts
3rdGerry Meade19 pts

1st January

Festival of Golf 18 Hole Singles1stMicheal Healy41 pts
2ndBrian O'Loughlin38 pts
3rdBernard Coleman38 pts
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