2022 Fixture list


Men:Members / Men Competition Conditions, including Qualifiers for GOY and other Majors
Ladies:Members / Ladies Competition Conditions, including Qualifiers for GOY and other Majors

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• Substitutions and/or changes to tee-times will not be permitted on the day.


Golf fixtures 2022

DateMENSLADIES (Sundays, unless otherwise stated)
Sat /Sun March 5th/6thMcClancy Cup (GOY)Sun 18 Holes Singles S'ford
Sat/Sun March 12th/13thRumble18 Hole S'ford G.O.Y.
March17thMixed ScrambleMixed Scramble
Sat/Sun March 19th/20thCanon O'Reilly 18 Holes Singles S'ford G.O.Y.18 Hole Singles S'ford
Sat/Sun March 26th/27thFourball Betterball18 H Singles S'Ford
Sat/Sun April 2nd/3rd Martin Talty Memorial Open18 Holes Singles Stroke G.O.Y.
April 9th/10thEaster HampersEaster Hampers
Sat/Sun April16th/17th18-Hole Singles Stroke18 H Singles S'Ford
Mon 18th AprilMixed ScrambleMixed Scramble
Sat/Sun April 23rd/24thJim Finnerty Memorial weekendJim Finnerty Memorial weekend
Sat/Sun April 30th /May 1stSingles S'ford18 H Singles S'ford
Mon May 2ndMixed FoursomesMixed Foursomes
Sat/Sun May 7th/8thFoursomes18 H Singles V Par G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun May 14th/15th Ace Cup G.O.Y.18 H Singles S'Ford
Sat/Sun May 21st/22ndScramble18 H Singles S'Ford
Sat/ Sun May28th/29thP.J.Downes Memorial Intermediate Scratch Cup18 H Singles Stroke - G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun June 4th/5thSinglesLady Captain's Charity Day
Mon June 6thMixed ScrambleMixed Scramble
Sat/Sun June11th/12thJune Monthly Medal G.O.Y. Sponsored by Jim Casey Trophies18 H Singles S'Ford
Sat/Sun June 18th/19thSingles S/fordMen's Captain's Prize to the Ladies - G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun June 25th/26th Lady Captain's Prize to the Men - G.O.Y.18 H Singles S'Ford
Mon June 27thLondis Open Day
Sat/Sun July 2nd/3rd Foursomes 18 Hole S'ford
Sat/Sun July 9th/10thJuly Monthly Medal -G.O.Y.18 H Singles S'Ford
Sat July 16thLady Captain's Day - G.O.Y.
Sun July 17thSingles Stroke
Sat/Sun July 23rd/24thFourball Betterball18 H Singles S'Ford
Mon July 25thOpen Day - sponsored by Cogans
Sat/Sun July 30th/31st Presidents Prize- G.O.Y.Presidents Prize - G.O.Y.
Mon Aug 1stMixed FourballMixed Fourball
Sat/Sun Aug 6th/7thMcInerney Cup - G.O.Y.18 Holes Singles
Sat/Sun Aug 13th/14th August Monthly Medal G.O.Y.18 H Singles S'Ford
Mon Aug 15thOpen Day - Sponsored by The Forge
Sat/Sun Aug 20th/21stCaptain's Prize - G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun Aug 27th/28thScrambleN.B.C.R.I. 18 H Singles S'Ford - G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun Sept 3rd/4thSingles S'Ford18 H Singles V Par - G.O.Y.
Sat/Sun Sept 10th/11thSeptember Monthly Medal - G.O.Y.Masters Final
Tues Sept 13thFr.Tuohy Memorial OpenFr.Tuohy Memorial
Sat/Sun Sept 17th/18thP.J.Kyne MemorialP.J.Kyne Memorial
Fri/Sat Sept 23rd/24thClub ClassicClub Classic
Sun Sept 25thSingles S'Ford18 H Singles S'Ford
Nov 20thWinter League Begins
Sat/Sun Dec 17th/18thChristmas HampersChristmas Hampers

Men’s Golfer of the Year is sponsored by Market Hardware, Ennis.

Open 9 Hole Qualifying Singles Stableford every bank holiday -  €5 Member;  €15 non-Member

Note:   The Committee reserve the right to alter the conditions or postpone or abandon any competition

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