2020 Officers

2020 Committees

CaptainYvonne O'KeeffePresidentMartin DavisCaptainJohn Lewis
Vice-CaptainCaptainJohn LewisVice-CaptainMicheal Healy
Hon. SecretaryValerie ShannonHon. SecretaryNoel ConnellanHon. SecretaryLes Seal
Hon. TreasurerEileen MurrihyHon. TreasurerIvan WhiteHon. TreasurerRedmond Condon
ex-OfficioKaren Whiteex-OfficioMervin Hehirex-OfficioMervin Hehir
Handicap SecretaryMary ClearyCommitteeJ Fitzgerald, M Healy, L SealHandicap SecretaryP Condron, F Hehir, S McMahon
CommitteeK Haugh, C Akroyd, E McCarthy, S O'DwyerP O'Dwyer, Y O'Keeffe, K WhiteCommitteeP Condron, F O'Brien, N Connellan
Competition SecretaryValerie ShannonTrusteesS Cleary, N McMahon, G O'Loughlin, S TreacyCompetition SecretaryPaul Condron
P.R.O.Karen WhiteWebsiteAnn White, Mervin HehirP.R.O.Mervin Hehir
Junior ConvenorValerie ShannonSPGC Child Safety OfficerLes SealJunior ConvenorMicheal Hehir


Ivan WhiteMartin DavisJohn Lewis
John LewisJohn FitzgeraldMervin Hehir
Yvonne O'KeeffeMervin HehirIvan White
Valerie Shannon

Roll of Honour

List of previous years' Presidents & Captains 1948-2020
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