Instituted 1896 affiliated 1915

The "Golfers Guide" 1897, records the club as being "West Clare Golf Club", with this description, "This is a nine-hole course, finely situated on the shores of Malbay.  Hazards are hills, sandpits and bents. It is free to visitors staying at the Atlantic Hotel".  An entrance fee of two shillings and six pence with a similar annual subscription is listed. 

Further reference to golf in this area is recorded in The Sportsman’s Holiday Guide 1897 listing Miltown Malbay Golf Course and stating, “The Course which is a nine-hole one, was laid out at considerable expense by a professional, who had varied it as much as possible.    The distance around is about 2000 yards or a little over a mile… There is no clubhouse, the hotel acts as such…. Visitors other than those resident in the Hotel must make their own terms with the Manager, as there is no fixed Tariff for outsiders”.

Like so many other clubs, the early records are missing and while the club credits its foundation to Robert B. Barclay and Capt. Ernest Ellis, in 1912, it would appear golf was played here prior to 1912. With this information the Club celebrated it’s Centenary in 1996 with a series of events and has published a Centenary Year Book.


Roll of Honour. 

Lady Captains                             Men's Captains
1981 M.Cleary                            M. Fitzpatrick
1982 M.O’ Neill                           J. Vaughan 
1983 M.O’ Connor                       J. Flynn
1984 C.Quinn                              D. Gallery
1985 V.Shannon                         M. HIllery
1986 H.McGrath                          R.J. Bolster
1987 M.Ewan                              P. Cleary
1988 M.O’ Halloran                     M. O’ Brien
1989 D.Shannon                         L. Wilson
1990 J.M.Conlon                         D.K Fitzgerald 
1991 N.Fitzgerald                       N.J O’ Donnell
1992 M.Tracey                            Father. T. Tuohy
1993 T.Twomey                          D.Gallery
1994 M.Molohan                         C.Twomey
1995 C. Meade                            S.Tracey
1996 C.Cleary                             J.N. Cogan
1997 K. Twomey                         B. Reddan
1998 K.Twomey                          P. Keane
1999 G.Hennessy                        B. Mckenna
2000 K.Collins                             P. Enright
2001 M.Mitchell                          G. O’Loughlin
2002 G.Reddan                           J. O’Brien
2003 F.O Boyle                            G. Talty
2004 A.Burke                              T. Finnucane
2005 M.Cleary                             J. Cleary
2006 K.Haugh                              P.J. Kyne
2007 D.Bolton                             D. Browne
2008 M.O Boyle                           P. Cleary
2009 V.Ross                                T. Mernagh
2010 M.Saunders                        G. Carroll
2011 B.Murphy                            M. Hennessy
2012 N.KIlroy                              N.McMahon 
2014 K. Twomey                          F Hehir
2015 M McNamara                      M Glenny
2016 H McGrath                          M Davis
2017 F O'Boyle                            S McMahon

Past Presidents

95-96 D. Gallery
97-98 J.Cleary
99-00 P.J.Killeen
01-02 DM. Gallery
03-04 B.Reddan
05-06 B.McKenna
07-08 Dr. Billy O Connell
09-10 L.Wilson
11-12 P. Cleary
13-14 T. Mernagh
2015 V. Shannon
2016 N. McMahon
2017 M. O'Halloran
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